FORMER candidate

Nicholas N. Glenn


U.S. Senate

America’s Open Source Candidate


My fellow Americans it’s time for the United States of America to go in another direction and move away from these empty promises of “ Hope And Change “and “Let’s Make America Great Again” just draining the political swamp is not enough.

It’s time for our government leaders in the three branches of government to earn back our trust and respect. Until then there’s nothing that any government leader can do to move this country forward.

So I come to you America with open hands asking for your help to create and build a open source platform where's no more secrets between America and their government leaders.

To restore America’s Trust and Faith in Government and Government Leaders Yes, this was all promise before but we tried extreme left politics and we tried extreme right politics and failed to move this country forward. I will be honest and make no promises that trying center right and center left politics will solve all the countries problems. That old saying it never hurts to try. Now I shall become:

America’s Open Source Candidate

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Thank You, for your support and your help towards this campaign.




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